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Hawai`i Legal Research: Hawai`i Laws

Links to online legal resources for researching Hawaii laws.

Thumbnail History

  • Kingdom Period 1847-1893 (Haw. King.) (1847-Jan. 16, 1893)
  • Provisional Government 1893-1894 (Haw. Prov. Gov.) (Jan. 17, 1893-July 3, 1894)
  • Republic of Hawaii 1894-1898 (Haw. Rep.) (July 4, 1894-July 6, 1898)
  • Territory of Hawaii 1898-1959 (Haw. Terr.) (July 7, 1898-Aug. 20, 1959)
  • State 1959-date (Haw.) (Aug. 21, 1959-date)

This thumbnail history is important to legal research in Hawaii.  It provides guidance as to where to look for laws during different historical periods.  For example, when Hawaii was a Territory of the United States, U.S. federal law is where you would look.  Look to State of Hawaii laws after Aug. 21, 1959.

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